Garage Door Opener Repair

Garage door opener repair is a specialty of King Garage Door Boca Raton, FL. We know about the different types of garage door openers from chain drive to screw drive. Knowing exactly how to fix garage door openers requires experience and knowing what to search for. Our garage door technicians can fix openers and discover the problem for a quick fix. We provide inexpensive rates that make it simple for you to give us a call. Some problems with an opener are not cost-effective. For issues that are beyond repair, we offer high quality garage door openers from trusted names such as Liftmaster.

Garage Door Opener Boca Raton

Certainly, there are some points to seek prior to you need to call us for garage door openers repair services. Some problems with the opener are easily taken care of by any person in the home. For example, openers geared up with security tools will certainly have photo-eye sensors. There are times when these sensors are misaligned. When the sensors are misaligned it can cause the garage door to go right back up. While this is a good sign that your opener safety device is functioning, it can also leave you with a garage door that will certainly not close. This can be repaired by re-adjusting the photo-eye sensors. The sensors are located near the floor, on each side of the garage door. Clean the lens and make a very easy adjustment. Test the garage door opener by closing the door. If the door shuts, then everything is great to go once again. If this has actually not resolved the problem, give us a call!

Chain Driven Opener

Chain drives are probably the most durable type of garage door openers which is the reason why they are commonly used in the industry. The drive runs the garage door in its track by using a metal chain. Besides being very reliable chain driven openers also available for very affordable prices. The biggest disadvantage is they can be quite noisy so if your garage is located in the close proximity to your bedroom you might want to consider installing a belt driven garage opener. Otherwise, if the noise is not the problem, chain driven opener is the best solution for you.

Belt Driven Opener

Belt drives are considered the best type of garage door openers in the industry. Rubber belt driven openers besides being as reliable as chain drives, they are also virtually silent, which makes them more expensive than chain drive openers. If your garage is attached to your home and has surrounding bedrooms, you’ll never be bothered by the noise of your garage door.

Screw Driven Opener

Screw drive openers use a lifting device that runs on a threaded steel rod instead of a chain or a rubber belt. These openers work best and are recommended in locations where the weather and temperature stay constant throughout the year. In areas with a wide range of temperatures, a screw driven opener is not recommended. The biggest con of this type of opener is they are the slowest moving and probably noisiest of all three openers.

When it is time to have garage door opener repairs, you can rely on us. We offer same day repair service by an experienced professional. Our technician has the ability to use a total inspection of the opener as well as discover the problem to the problem fast. On the spot repair means that we can have your garage door opener working when you need it to. Our technicians have the right tools and the experience required to repair and also fix all types of garage door openers. With our prompt and dependable solution, you can appreciate the advantages of your opener today.

New Garage Door Opener Installation

Over time, a garage door opener will begin to slow down and get louder. There is no stopping this all-natural aging process. On the other hand, you can do some maintenance that can extend the life of the opener. However, if the opener is beyond repair or is way too slow or loud, consider an upgrade. Today's garage door openers are smooth, silent and filled with functions. Talk to a King Garage Door professional for a new garage door opener installation.

Whether you need a brand new garage door opener or an old one repaired or simply have questions, we can assist you. Our very knowledgeable and experienced specialists can fix and also upgrade your garage door opener despite the issue and can recommend on which alternative, repairing the existing opener or installing a new one, would certainly be more economical. Garage door systems contain electric and mechanical parts, motors, pulley systems, and rollers, every one of which should function properly and also together. If they are not all aligned and working correctly together, the operation of the garage door opener can be adversely affected and its life span substantially reduced. We make sure that each component is working correctly before we leave so that you can rest assured that your garage door will remain to work for a long period of time.

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